Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pyo or votes

Pyo or votes in English. Since the action of voting perhaps holds the idea of a little piece of paper. Well just imagine.

In Korean: 표, or 투표

It also means ticket or little stub. 

I had meant to include these in the blogs many many times. So apologies for it to be late. I have to admit sometimes I am motivated. Other times, I wonder who out there could be reading and after checking the stats, not many. While still hope to reach out to Korean or Teochew people, or even those interested in both languages. Perhaps better motivation can be mustered.

See photo grab from Hello Counselor variety show. 

It does say show us the result(result of the votes). The previous sentences were like put in your votes (your pyo). 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Salt - yeam - 염

Recently I have been following KBS World Variety shows such as Human Condition and Hello Counselor.

There are many news words being discovered. I should make notes while watching instead of thinking about it later. So now here is one while watching Human Condition Chuseok Special. They needed an ingredient for their cooking project. It is the basic salt.

Salt is 염 (yeam). It is same in Teochew language. Yeam.

In korean language, yeam I guess is more informal. Since in writings or packaging, it will be: 소금 (so geum).

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Koppi Juseyo - simple daily life in Korea

Hello yeorobun, nii naang hor bor?

First: jwesong hamnida (죄송합니다)
For not able to update this blog constantly.

Next: Good news is I am now in Seoul and will be writing my simple daily life in Korea more frequently, plus adding in teochew word discovery as I explore the annals of the language.

The blog is: http://koppijuseyo.blogspot.kr/2013/10/sunshin-iu-wanted-to-give-her-teacher.html

Koppi juseyo front page banner
And today 9th October is Hangeul Day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pair or in teochew suang and korean ssang 쌍

Oh well, I came across another word. And I jot that down and ready to present here. Many times I am unable to update either due to lack of motivation, word was found then forgotten before I can open up the blog page. I will try my best again. Hwaiting.

In teochew, we say "chik suang ooi" meaning one pair of shoes. "chik" is one, or single. Cos if you are a fervent learner, you'd know number one is "ik". But "chik" is used when quantifying.

The main word is "suang" and in Korean is "ssang" or 쌍.

Here is a photo of "half a pair" :) But look carefully, it's supposed to be ice cream cone.

Cornetto shoe

Bang khaeng in teochew means room and in Korean bang 방 is room

Bang khaeng in teochew means room and in Korean bang 방 is room.
Well as noted before, all Romanisation is purely informal. So unless you know teochew, you might be reading/transliteration wrongly. So ask your friendly teochew friend. And vice versa, ask your Hanguk saram friend for pronouncing "bang". It is certainly NOT bang as in "big bang theory"!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Top viewers are from Germany then Singapore

This blog isn't super popular, but since Blogger has some stats function, I just quickly viewed the monthly viewers number. And the most viewers came from Germany, then next in Singapore. And third is USA (which sometimes isn't true cos the search engines, web spiders, are all classified as from USA).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hyusig or rest and Han Seung-yeon

Hyusig or rest. In Korean "휴식" (hyu sik)

Well in teochew it is "hyu haeg". "Haeg" means tired. "Ching haeg". Very tired. And no surprise, "jin ja" 진정, means "really" or "very" in Korean.

I found this poster outside Central World TOPS Supermarket. It's KARA. It's one of KARA. Seung-yeon. (my favourite KARA!)

Well, she is never tired. But the photo is appealing, and nagging for a word discovery. What word is it? Crunchy? Tasty? Juicy? Nope!

It's "sagua" or "apple" in Korean. 사과. Well hanyu-pinyin time. Sagua means "silly" in Mandarin!