Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hyusig or rest and Han Seung-yeon

Hyusig or rest. In Korean "휴식" (hyu sik)

Well in teochew it is "hyu haeg". "Haeg" means tired. "Ching haeg". Very tired. And no surprise, "jin ja" 진정, means "really" or "very" in Korean.

I found this poster outside Central World TOPS Supermarket. It's KARA. It's one of KARA. Seung-yeon. (my favourite KARA!)

Well, she is never tired. But the photo is appealing, and nagging for a word discovery. What word is it? Crunchy? Tasty? Juicy? Nope!

It's "sagua" or "apple" in Korean. 사과. Well hanyu-pinyin time. Sagua means "silly" in Mandarin!

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  1. Teochew from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, use "Hyu Saeg" to describe rest. We dont say Hyu Haeg, but we do say Haeg See (Damn Tired).