Friday, April 19, 2013

Pair or in teochew suang and korean ssang 쌍

Oh well, I came across another word. And I jot that down and ready to present here. Many times I am unable to update either due to lack of motivation, word was found then forgotten before I can open up the blog page. I will try my best again. Hwaiting.

In teochew, we say "chik suang ooi" meaning one pair of shoes. "chik" is one, or single. Cos if you are a fervent learner, you'd know number one is "ik". But "chik" is used when quantifying.

The main word is "suang" and in Korean is "ssang" or 쌍.

Here is a photo of "half a pair" :) But look carefully, it's supposed to be ice cream cone.

Cornetto shoe


  1. in Pontianak, we also say "Sang" (Btw, most Teochew in Pontianak originated from Jieyang County, Teochew county's neighbour)

    1. Sang, sometimes "swang".
      Do read my updated and more tidier page in