Friday, October 12, 2012

Meaning of flag or guggi or 국기

Flag in korean script is 국기. Guggi.

In teochew, it is "kok gii". Sounding very similar. Many years ago, I watched a korean movie titled "Taegukgi". It is about the Korean War. I like it a lot because it talks about the enemy is not North or South, or West or East (maybe West!). But about the war itself, and the commanders or leaders. It is not just ideology, or alien. But the regular people are just farmers, and when the other group comes and take their food and vegetables, they are labelled as enemy, traitor, or "the others". It was a sad movie. I hope Koreans will watch it and feel the real meaning. Because I told the air stewardess that was on my plane (UA flight) that this is a movie about peace for Koreans.

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