Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colour or saek or 색

Colour is saek in Teochew language.
The basic wording for colour is saek. 색.

But that's about it. The individual colours itself are not similar.
Example green colour is "chae saek" in Teochew but in Korean it is nuuk saek (녹색 ).

This time I am featuring a small photo of Korea along with the entry. This is the most common convenience store GS25. It has everything you need. And very inexpensive. You can have a proper meal for just 1500 Won (1.5 USD) to 3000 Won at the First World standard of living, this is a super bargain. Just imagine can you get a meal in Norway, Australia, or Japan for such a low price?

Sometimes it includes a free drink!

This pack cost 3000 Won. The top left corner of the box there is a sticker. It says "Take one" either an orange drink or peach. The RRP of the drink it 1000 Won.

Take either a peach or orange drink that retails for 1000 Won

Meal cost is 3000 Won - minus drink 1000 Won = 2000 Won for a full packed meal

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